The first impression counts!

Make a positive impact on your first greet and meet with your customers. Create a welcoming impression by positioning fresh flowers in your reception area. We are dedicated to provide fresh seasonal corporate flowers reflecting your company and your corporate design.

We offer a weekly delivery every Tuesday. There are two sizes available, standard 35$ and premium 65$. The picture are a sample showing the size of the standard and premium design. The subscription comes with a 52 week delivery, paying only 50 weeks. Plus, there will be special floral designs for the Carnival of Flowers and Christmas.

How to subscribe:

1. Contact us for a free consultation about your corporate identity, style and colours.

phone: 0477401101


2. Sign up for your weekly delivery every Tuesday

3. Display your corporate flowers and water them regulary

4. Enjoy your weekly dose of happiness and welcome your customers with a smile 


Greet your customer with fresh seasonal flowers, reflecting your company and corporate identity

delivery every Tuesday 

classic size: 35$

premium size: 65$