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Wedding inspirations 2018 from Germany part 1, bridal bouquet

Planing your wedding and looking for your perfect wedding flowers?

Are you getting lost in social media with millions of wedding flowers?

Don't panic and don't waste your time, I was on the hunt for the latest trends in Europe for you and had the the chance to learn absolutely stunning and beautiful wedding flowers during the master class wedding flowers in April 2018 at Blumenwerk Kamping.

Wedding master class Blumenwerk Kamping, April 2018

Blumenwerk Kamping, owned by Annette Kamping, is an international flower school for florists and dedicated to high end floristry combined with innovative and trendsetting art.

Here is a only a sneak peek of the amazing talent and flower art we have been taught. My goal is to transfer my experience into beautiful personal wedding flowers for you. Please contact me to discuss your wedding flowers in a free consultation. My happiness and success is your smile when you walk down the aisle with your flowers.

Photos are taken by photographer Silas Koch, Herborn, Germany

Vintage bouquet featuring soft pink roses on a bed of lace

Garden Bouquet looking like a walk through a garden

A wreath of love in white with precious flowers expressing never ending love for the natural and romantic bride

Wild at heart

Winter is coming, flowers wrapped in white to keep warm and cosy

Froschkönig. I really felt in love with this bouquet. It is surely something completely different from a every day wedding bouquet but I love the texture and the style.

Wedding in the woods for a down to earth bride who is loving nature

Please keep watching for my next blog about exceptional flowers for your ceremony and reception!

I would love to hear your feedback and which flowers would be your favourite.

Lots of love


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