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Wedding inspiration Part 2 for your Ceremony and Reception

The Masterclass Wedding Flowers at Blumenwerk Kamping showed inspirational floral art for your wedding inspired by nature always with a twist by using different materials in the arrangements. Annette Kamping is passionate about using wire, wood or paper for her designs. The results are stunning and inspiring.

Get inspired by the stunning designs and I would be more then happy to find the perfect match for your wedding or event.

The following pictures are taken by Silas Koch, Herborn and the arrangements had been designs of the workshop.

I want to start with this natural and unstructured table arrangement. Using different greenery and wood for the base, flowers in different colours and shapes are added in glass, in a easy going style. The look is perfect for country weddings at a farm or homestead.

The next blows my mind. Annette started creating the wire balls and arranged it with flowers in glass tubes in a contemporary style. Wow, for the modern city couple a unique and new interpreted table decoration.

This arrangement would also fit in perfectly in a modern industrial cafe or restaurant. Wooden sticks loose and unstructured joined creating a natural base for a floral art with white flowers.

Knots made of ropes for those who loves the sea, wind and waves.

A modern interpretation of pick-a-stick upside down for all those who loves playing and something different

Looking for a tropical decoration? Nestled on wicker, tropical fruits and flowers are creating a beach day feeling

Want to make a statement on your ceremony? There is no better way to say I love you as with this heart full of roses.

Or maybe a wreath as a symbol for never ending love?

If your wedding is on the beach, how about this gorgeous installation?

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