The following list will give you a first idea of what flowers you can choose for your wedding. In a consultation, we will create the ultimate look and style for your wedding and finalize what flowers you could consider on your wedding day.


  • Bride: Bridal bouquet, flowers for the hair, flower crown, throw

Bridal bouquet is the essential flower design element for you. The bouquet should represent your love and your personality, choose colours and flowers you have a deep connection with and remember special moments in your life.

You can add a little charm with a picture of loved ones on the back of the bouquet so you can look at it when you walk down the aisle.

In size and style choose a good relation to the dress, it is an accessory and should not overwhelm the bride.

Flowers for the hair are the ultimate accessory to complete the look. We can work with your hairstylist to design the best flowers for your hairstyle.

Flower crowns are a beautiful and natural alternative for a more informal wedding in a garden, a wood or beach location.

  • Bridesmaids: Bouquets, flower for the hair, corsages

Bouquets in the same style as the bridal bouquet, but smaller creating a harmonized and balanced picture of the bride and her bridesmaids.

  • Junior bridesmaids: Bouquet, flower crown

The bouquets should have an appropriate proportion to the age and size of the junior bridesmaids.

  • Flowergirl: Flowercrown, small posy, flower basket, flower necklace, flowers on the dress

Depending on the age of the flower-girls you can choose from many options. Young flower girls want to play and are very active, a good choice would be a little posy and a flower basket or to give an extra touch, some flowers as a necklace or on a cape. It should be playful and suit the young girl.

  • Groom: Buttonhole

Buttonhole are a stylish statement with the same flowers from the bridal bouquet.

  • Groomsmen: Buttonhole

Buttonholes for the groomsmen can have the same style for each groomsmen, newer trends are showing more varieties.

  • Dad of the bride: Buttonhole

The buttonhole should match with the bridals' bouquet, when he walks the bride down the aisle.

  • Mother of the bride and groom: Wrist or shoulder corsage

Traditional corsages matching the colour of the dress.


  • Dad of the groom: Buttonhole

Buttonhole matching the mother of the grooms' corsage.

  • Grandparents or special family members: Buttonhole or corsage

Showing the close relationship and honoring the grandparents' buttonholes and corsages are a perfect choice.



The wedding theme, colour palette and the location sets the frame for your flowers on your ceremony and reception. Top trends are rustic, whimsical, vintage, romantic, modern or minimalistic in green.


  • Ceremony: Flowers for the entry like wreath, larger instalments, garlands, flower pots, flower for the pew ends, aisle, altar, chair backs, signing table, flowerarch in an outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings are very common and there are a lot of picturesque venues in Toowoomba and region to have a beautiful spot with great views and gardens around.

For this a Floral Arch and flowers in the aisle are the first choice. You can also decorate trees with flowers, candles and balloons to create a background. The latest trend are big flower wreaths to add that extra design to your wedding venue.

If the ceremony is in a church, you can decorate the entry with hearts, wreath or a garland on the entry door. When you step in the church the Focal Area is the Altar and you can decorate the aisle on the pew ends with flowers, so that the flowers lead the bride to the altar. In bigger churches you have columns you can decorate with flowers. Position a nice flower arrangement on the altar or maybe on the right and left with two larger flower installments. In a church the size of the arrangements have to be in a good relation to the size of the church.

  • Reception: Welcome Sign, flowers for gift table, cake table, buffet, cake, hanging installations, flowers for a backdrop, bride and grooms table, Guest tables: garlands, wreath, high installations, candelabra, flowers on the napkins and chair backs

Greet your family and guest with a welcome sign on the front and decorate the seating plan with flowers. Add some flowers on your gift/card table, on the buffet and on side tables.

Hanging installations and decorated backdrops frame your reception and complete your wedding theme. The bride and grooms' table should have a key arrangement with a garland or lower arrangements, so everyone can see the new couple.

The guest table should have the same flower and colour choice and can be a garland, wreath with a candle, candelabra or arrangements in a decorative pot/box. Consider the size of the table and the table settings for the size and also the height of the arrangements. The guest should see each other. Little flowers on the napkin complete the look. Flowers on the chair backs give the final finish.